There’s big changes ahead for garbage in Coconut Creek.  Up to now, household waste (plain old garbage) has been processed by a waste-to-energy incinerator plant adjacent to the Mount Trashmore landfill (officially named Monarch Hill).   For Wynmoor newbies, Mount Trashmore is on the north side of Sample Road just opposite the Flea Market and east of the Turnpike.  You can’t miss it.

The company that operates the landfill, Waste Management, has sold off its incinerator operations subsidary (Wheelabrator) for the not too trashy sum of $1.94 billion to Energy Capital Partners.   But the incinerator at Mount Trashmore was not included in the sale.

Waste Management is not interested in operating the Mount Trashmore incinerator.  Instead, it is planning to use the facility as a waste collection point.  The waste collected there will be trucked 17 miles south down State Road 7 (aka Route 441) to an alternate incinerator.  This alternate incinerator, located at 4000 South State Road 7, just south of Route 595, had been operated by Wheelabrator and was included in the sale of Wheelabrator to Energy Capital Partners.

You can read about Wast Management’s plan in its “Letter to Coconut Creek Resident”  at

Whether or not Waste Management can proceed with the plan of trucking the garbage 17 miles south is up to Broward County.

The City of Coconut Creek is urging residents to attend a Broward County meeting about the Waste Management operations on February 3, 2015 at 12:30 PM, 115 S. Andrews Avenue in Fort Lauderdale, room 422.

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