You can never be too ready for a hurricane.

Wynmoor’s buildings can offer a safe haven from most of the ravages of wind and rain.  But hurricanes leave behind blocked roads, local floods, electrical outages and closed stores.


Special Medical Needs:  If you require 24 x 7 medical care, or if you rely on a medical device that must be plugged in, or if you have limited mobility, check out Broward County’s Special Need Shelters at  You need to reserve space at least four weeks in advance.  Even if you are not sure what your plans will be, its a good idea to register.  There’s no penalty for not showing up.

Stocking Up:  Check out Broward County’s shopping guide for food and supplies:, or download the same information here.

At Risk status:

Best Practices:

Cell Phones/Landlines:





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