Going Away Checklist


    • Turn off your main water supply. The valve is usually located by your hot water heater.
    • Unplug hot water heater (turn off 2 valves on top of heater).
    • Open all faucets and drains.
    • Turn off water valves to washing machine (if applicable).
    • Turn off icemaker and empty ice from ice tray.
    • Put one capful of bleach in each toilet, then cover bowl with cellophane wrap.


    • Unplug all computers.
    • Unplug televisions and cable box.
    • Disconnect the cable between the cable that connects to the cable box.
    • Unplug toaster, microwave, coffee machine and all other appliances.


    • Set your thermostat to 75 degrees.
    • Set the humidistat to 50 degrees.
    • Have your mail forwarded.
    • Tightly close and lock all windows and doors
    • Close drapes and blinds.
    • Leave a copy of service contract on your kitchen counter.
    • Notify Management Office of your alternate address and phone number.
    • DO NOT turn off your phone service! The alarm system works through phone lines.
    • Arrange for someone to check on your residence. (See listings in MyWynmoor’s Classifieds Section).
    • Have a good trip and come back soon!

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