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2 Responses to Mailbox

  1. Rita Popkin says:

    Hi. I was wondering if there was anything that can be done about the state of recycling in my building? I have hung up signs and marked the bins “recycle” and “household trash” because a lot of people in my building had no idea what the bins were for. However they are still using the recycle bins to toss out unrinsed and dirty food containers. More than half the garbage in the recycle bins shouldn’t be in there? I have spoken to the condo president, but she said that she’s tried, and nothing could be done.

    I think the only way people will learn is if they are fined.

    What are other people’s feelings? Can something be done about this?


  2. Robert Sam says:

    Rita — Have you spoken to Fred Michaels? I’m not sure he can do anything but you should let him know. If its as bad as you say I would call the City of Coconut Creek and report it as a nuisance.

    Good luck and fight the good fight. It can’t get any easier than single stream and when people screw that up it might be hopeless. But the more they mismanage the recycling the more the city will have to spend dealing with the mixed up garbage and then we will have to pay more in taxes. And then everyone will cry that they can’t afford higher maintenance and then Wynmoor will have to cut back in services. All because someone couldn’t rinse out a jar!

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