Wynmoor Management has gone to great lengths to ensure that the bike path on Wynmoor Circle is clearly marked and that signs are posted along the road to alert motorists to the existence of the path.


Now that we can safely ride our bikes we are faced with the challenge of where to keep them.  Some people keep their bikes on their terrace.  I keep mine in the den closet.


This seems to be a good time to bring up the subject of bike racks.

A simple bike rack by each building will make bike riding easier for current bikers and possibly encourage others to bike instead of drive.

Washington DC and New York City are two of the many cities that now see biking as one of the primary forms of transportation.  In Washington DC, bikes are used by police officers and Secret Service agents and the city has eliminated parking spots in order to install bike racks.

The trend is clear.  So lets get on our bikes and get some racks!  And remember, wear something bright when you ride at night!

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