Contributing to MyWynmoor is easy.   There are no deadlines to meet or wooden-headed publishers to please.   If you like to write and feel you can contribute new material at least two times a month,  you are our kind of columnist.

Unlike real columnists, your work is not subject to whims of a fussy editor.  You are free to publish new material whenever you please.

If you are familiar with blogging, you may ask how a column differs from a blog.  The answer is that there is no difference.  It’s the same concept and the same process.  We just use the word “column” because it sounds classier.

(So when you become a columnist you get the right to brag to your grandchildren that you have your own blog.  It should impress them for a minute or two.)

As a columnist, you are free to write about any topic that you want.  Our minimum requirement is that all writing be grammatically correct and polite.   All columns will be open to reader’s comments.

Interested?  Please use the contact form below:

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