Did you know that Coconut Creek has a City Green Plan? Green Plans are comprehensive management plans that address environmental issues, while not excluding the economic vitality of a city, region, or even an entire country. Some of the first green plans were developed in the Netherlands and New Zealand during the 1980s and have spread around the world to places like Australia, Europe, and now, right here in Coconut Creek!

The City Green Plan was adopted by the City Commission in December 2009 and has established a series of actions steps over a 10-year timeframe. Through each action step, there are means to conserve energy and water, reduce waste, improve community participation, and demonstrate environmental stewardship. The plan also created a City Green Image. The butterfly graphic created by the City, commonly dubbed “Fluffy,” is part of the image. The concept behind the symbol is to place “Fluffy” on top of two leaves with “Fluffy” representing the City and the leaves representing the environment. So, meet “Fluffy on the Green.”

Throughout the year, there will be a series of articles on a variety of green topics such as green buildings, urban nature, energy conservation, transportation and mobility, and waste and recycling, just to name a few. The overall goal is to provide our residents, businesses, and visitors the information they need, as a community, to create a culture of green excellence.

You can read the City’s Green Plan by visiting www.coconutcreek.net/sd/city-green-plan and if you have questions, please contact Jim Hetzel, Senior Planner – Sustainable City Coordination for City of Coconut Creek at jhetzel@coconutcreek.net or 954-956-1468.

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